When dreams do come true, will you be ready?

Michael Casper returns with a new, enchanting single called “Black Lipstick”. He opens up the door to his mind for us through this tale of meeting a woman who’s made for him. Though Casper is only 19, the emotion he displays in his music is beyond his years. “Black Lipstick” walks the fine line of ethereal and melancholy. We find ourselves swaying to the melody but if we take a deeper listen, Casper details his enthrallment with this mystery woman to the point of insanity. Love or, infatuation rather, brings us to the limits of our minds and hearts. “Black Lipstick” is Casper’s journey to the point right before the end of his wits.

“Never forget your face / My whole day was a waste / ’cause I didn’t spend it with you / I’d die for you” – Michael Casper

Transitioning into young adulthood comes with many humbling moments, especially in love. In those moments of believing we found “the one”, our entire world begins revolving around their presence. Much like Casper croons right before the hook, every waking (and sleeping) moment is spent wanting more.

His cadence and style of music reminds me of Mac Miller, jazzy and easy on the ears, regardless of how heavy the subject matter. “Black Lipstick” also almost appears to be a metaphor for death itself; each day we rise, we’ve escaped its grasp. Yet, it’s omnipresent and unpredictable in when and where it will strike. Casper’s storytelling ability is terse yet sincere. Sometimes, all we need is the bare truth and that is what Casper demonstrates. “Black Lipstick” is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.