Gangsta Gibbs and The Sultan of Sweats get to the Fetti

It wasn’t too long ago when Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs announced their collaborative effort was in the works. Both of them recently released their personal projects prior to ‘Fetti’ earlier this year. Curren$y with ‘Fire in the Clouds’ and Gibbs with his self titled album, ‘Freddie’, it was safe to assume this was a pleasant surprise for fans of the two rappers. This new album isn’t the first time the pair worked together either. Curren$y released ‘Covert Coup’ in 2011 which Alchemist executive produced as well and Gibbs landed features on a couple singles. Personally, ‘Covert Coup’ is arguably his best body of work and I believe many Spitta fans would agree. The chemistry then, presented itself differently as opposed to now. Nonetheless, their chemistry never dissolved and supplied us with the audio dope that we hear today.

Now, the trio returns for a full length album! Periodically, both Spitta and Gibbs live streamed their sessions on Instagram giving fans a peek into the workings of ‘Fetti’. The interwebs were abuzz with anticipation counting down the days until Halloween, the day of the release. Amidst all of the excitement for this album, there still seemed to be an underlying apprehension about how good ‘Fetti’ would sound. I, myself, shouldered a morsel of doubt. Often with collaborative albums, the energy still appears disconnected in some aspect. Luckily, that proved to be false with ‘Fetti’. I believe that what makes the chemistry between Gibbs and Curren$y is their genuine friendship and trust of each other’s abilities.

Legend, wait for it… ary

Alchemist is phenomenal at orchestrating a soundscape suitable for artists to perform at their best and ‘Fetti’ is no different. The production alone embodies the even tempered demeanor of Spitta and the grizzly dope boy flow of Gibbs. Laden with A1 samples, silky bass lines and snares that snap like a whip, ‘Fetti’ is just another day at the office for the hitmaker. Each track transitions so elegantly into the next one. Before you can blink, the nine track album is finished, leaving you wanting more!

“Brought coke in momma house, let the devil in / Dropped us a zip, took on off, ain’t gone never win” – Freddie Gibbs in “Willie Lloyd”

As always, Spitta’s flow cruises over these beats like his lowriders do in the streets. He’s created volumes of audiobooks about his life with his music and this fact holds true with ‘Fetti’. A personal favorite of mine is “Willie Lloyd”. A solo track for Gibbs, he narrates the trials and tribulations of the coke game. The production is haunting especially with the piano as the melody accompanied by brooding kicks throughout the song. The message Gibbs sends is clear: that life isn’t for the lighthearted and neither is he. His flow refuses to let up as he strings the story together.

Yes, you should listen and keep listening.

Every seven years begins a new cycle in our lives– it’s now been seven years since this dynamic trio collaborated on a project. Together, they entered this new musical life cycle with their foot on our necks. ‘Fetti’ demonstrates their individual and collective growth. They all are sharper in their craft, more efficient and more mature. This project feels like ‘Covert Coup’ “all grown up”. ‘Fetti’ is a bit darker and more refined but the chemistry between them all now is more energetic. I behoove you all to get into ‘Fetti’ then dig deeper into all three of their catalogs because I promise, they won’t disappoint. Listen to ‘Fetti’ below.