This is B. Mills’ ‘The & Times of an Eternal Optimist’

From first listen, it’s evident that D.C. native, B. Mills, is a student of music—merging his favorites with his own style—but not overdoing the merging so that you aren’t left without his identity. Mills’ The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist explores a number of walks through life: happiness, humanity and love are explored through vocal ranges that feel to get lost in today’s world.

There’s appreciation of vocal arrangements that range from an old-time feel to a current date. Mills’ expression is impressive, due to the fact that he isn’t attempting to be like you, you or you. Simply, Mills wants to feel comfortable in his own skin.

“Every song on this project embodies a sense of urgency in the pursuit of dreams, love, and happiness,” Mills said in a statement.  “Our common thread as people becomes unwoven at times — by race, religion, gender, sexuality, economics, and politics. We all are in the struggle to survive these conditions — more concerned with our individual needs, and less concerned about the group.”

From the opening track “And We Rise,” Mills’ empathetic touch on the track brings a relatable theme to the listener. As Mills stated in the aforementioned quote, we’re commonly weaved together in certain struggles that are impossible to negate.

Sonically, Mills proves once again that he isn’t worried about the current landscape of music, allowing pure instrumentation to lead the way—no sights of pulsing 808s. The 8-track body of work is written, produced and performed by Millls himself, with co-production credits for Vincent “Invincible” Watson. The two have known each other since children, working creatively to bring music to the world. At age five, Mills realized that he had an ear for music, first beginning to play the piano.

Being as though Mills is from the Maryland/D.C. area, go-go is an influence that can be noted in his music. The production shares this influence.

Overall, Mills is a producer, writer and performer. All three of his talents share the dance floor on this body of work. To go overtop of the production, Mills’ writing ability helps him be relatable and shows empathy, which is always needed in our world. Just like the title of the project says, Mills is truly an optimist.

Below, you can stream the project and check out the track-list as well. We hope to have more music from B. Mills as time moves forward.

1. And We Rise
2. The Light
3. Get up 2 Get Down
4. Conflicted
5. If U Will
6. It’s About Damn Time (Interlude)
7. Slow Motion
8. Life Is Beautiful