Santa Barbara, CA. – Miguel stepped out ready to give us his all! From the live band, to the graphics, choreography and music it was quite the show! His performance put you in a setting of his spiritual awakening where he took everyone on this ride; creating the most uplifting experience which made the name of the tour most fitting. As he was a man on a mission of self-awareness and getting everyone on the same page; stating things like, “ You gotta do what you love and take it all the way” as he is a product of that. He performed tracks from recently released album, War & Leisure and took it way back with some tracks from Kaleidoscope dreams. The energy was truly unmatched to anything I have experienced before, and Miguel has a humble way of delivering such an experience! Catch him on his next stop as he continues to the end of tour, see here!

Photos by Shaun Llewellyn

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