Marketing and promotion are dire necessities in order to take your craft to the next level. What’s the purpose of releasing an album if there’s no one to hear or critique it or selling new merchandise with no potential buyers? Fortunately, Audtrell Williams and his Krewsader marketing team intend to properly place creatives in winning positions in order for them to succeed. Audtrell, a graduate from Morehouse College and Columbia University, has been trained and coached by industry legends on how to operate in today’s marketing landscape and in turn, he’d like to bestow his knowledge upon upcoming Baltimore artists.

Diverting from the typical “Click the link to my music!” or constant spamming methods are a must in today’s era of promotion, but not many know the next steps to take. The Krewsader team is composed of individuals who pride themselves on working just as hard as the artists they are marketing. They offer strategic methods for artists to develop credibility with advertising opportunities and building more of an online presence among other possible avenues.

The end-goal of the Krewsader team is to turn Baltimore into the next big city for hip-hop culture. That’s where “Digital Trap Boomin” comes into play. The term is a cultural renaissance which represents maneuvering in a meaningful manner in the digital era which revolves around social media, websites, emails and everything in between.

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