Bryson Tiller is making a strong campaign for his next solo album, but will he give us the same music we first fell in love with?

There are very few R&B artists that come along nowadays and get the power to change the game completely, but Bryson Tiller did just that. The overnight Louisville sensation came a long way from his humble beginnings. His rise to fame was an extraordinary sight to witness and his undeniable talent was his golden ticket to the industry. The buzz he created around his music ahead of his debut album release got his fans bubbling with excitement, but it was Trapsoul itself that truly cemented his spot as the next young singer to take over.

As one of the biggest breakout stars of 2015, Bryson Tiller arguably had one of the best R&B albums released that year. His viral hit single “Don’t” skyrocketed up the charts and made everyone ask, “Who is this mystery crooner?” His newfound popularity halted a lot of people in their tracks who were once sleeping on his music. Trapsoul was such an incredible album that helped bridge the gap between the new era of Hip-Hop and contemporary R&B. Tiller didn’t create the new landscape for modern R&B, but Trapsoul certainly contributed to the movement.

With that being said Tiller has some big shoes to fill this time around. His sophomore album, True to Self, was suppose to follow up his previous work, but instead the project fell on deaf ears. In comparison to Trapsoul, True to Self wasn’t on the same caliber as far as production, passion, and overall being a cohesive album. Although it went No. 1 on the charts, the album didn’t stick around the same way Trap Soul did and it was quite noticeable. Fans had high hopes for his 2017 release, but as much as they loved him the music just wasn’t there. The music faded quickly and people began to question whether Tiller was truly the next big thing or just a one-trick pony.

Earlier this year, the Louisville crooner opened up about his sophomore release on social media saying that he was in a dark place when he recorded the album.

The sales and mixed reviews from the album were proof to him that he didn’t outdo himself. His disappointment in the album seems to be his motivation to set the bar high for his third studio project. Shortly after his vulnerable moment on Twitter he hinted at a speculated release date for his next project titled Serenity.  

Seeing as summertime has come and gone we can let go of the idea of a summer album from Tiller. However, he’s been quite generous with the loose singles he’s been sharing on Soundcloud for the past few weeks. Covers for songs like SZA’s “Normal Girl” and Drake’s “Finesse” are proof that Tiller has been in the studio playing around with some sounds. He’s done his best to keep his fans in the loop about what he’s working on and apparently we can expect some more original music from his later this week.

Hopefully all this new music means we should expect a release date for his next album any day now. This next album could very well determine whether Tiller has what it takes to last in this industry or flop again. His next move has to be his best move or else this could cost him everything. Trapsoul is a classic album and he ran his luck up with True to Self, but Serenity might be exactly what he needs to put him back in the game. We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out for him.

In the meantime, check out his latest releases below.