Out of the ways that you could describe Rico Nasty, you’d probably be thinking along the lines of savagery and unapologetic sassiness. Simply calling Rico bad (the good bad) would be an understatement.

Along with the support of fellow female rapper Malibu Miitch, the Maryland-based artist brought life to the Echoplex in Los Angeles last Thursday. The show served as the second-to-last installment of her Nasty Tour, which wrapped up in Vegas on Sept. 7 (what a lit way to end a 28-show tour).

The 21-year-old has been finding success in 2018, recently signing with Atlantic Records in June. After securing the bag, she followed up with her sixth project, “Nasty.” Her in-your-face persona that is displayed through her music is hard to ignore.

I’ve only seen a handful of female rappers in my life (and yes, that includes Cardi B) and I can say that not many could compete with Rico’s ability to rock a show.

The energy she brought Friday induced countless raging and mosh pits, even causing one of her fans to pull off their wig and start waving it aroundThe small venue played to her advantage as well, as I could literally feel the ground shaking from all the pushing, shoving and jumping that was happening around me. Seeing her interact with her fans really showcased how much she cares about her fans and only piled on to the positive vibes in the room.

Her talent is only part of what she can bring to the table, as Rico tends to turn heads with her fashion. This particular night, she didn’t don any colorful wigs or rainbow colored tees as she has in the pastbut she still slayed with blacked-out combat clothes to contrast her over-the-top makeup.

Her music pretty much dares her haters to come at her, like in “Poppin’,” and her outfit choice this particular night just threw it in your face even more.

Sugar Trap, the name of two her mixtapes and a phrase fitting to who she is, finally made sense to me. When I think of both of the words, I get the idea of cupcakes and unicorns meshed together with ruthlessness and giving no f-cks. The irony kills me but it’s just something that you wouldn’t expect together. I love it.

Overall, Rico Nasty is the real deal and I really regret missing out on her Hard Summer set last month. Not only does she deliver the ability to write (she got bars, trust), she understands what gets the crowd going, making each show worthwhile for everybody in attendance. That’s something that I cannot stress enough for musicians: the ability to give a solid live performance.

Look out for big things coming from Rico in the near future. The wave of new female rappers just got that much more competitive.

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