Some of us have demons we face but luckily get by with the help of music of those who go through or experience that same pain. I write this piece now, a little late but – very necessary. At a time like this I wish I could have written my letter to Mac just a bit sooner. Mac was someone who didn’t need saving but needed a lot of Love. Someone who was willing to lay out his demons, so you’d find comfort in the dark times you faced; all while losing to his own. After the current losses in his life he’d released statements saying he was “ok” and even recently releasing his album, “Swimming.” Although it spoke of hardships and triumph, you can feel the pain of simply floating;  “ I’m tired, I don’t have a second to spare, win or lose, I don’t keep countin’” and “I can’t help myself I think I need some help.” Mac may have been crying for help and even if it wasn’t sought through we can find happiness in the fact that he is at peace now.


As many shed a message of light, I realize Mac was deeper than music. With lots of love and compassion for all who surrounded him, he lead by example; He showed us behind the music and gave us a window to his soul. Countless times and always remained rich in love and passion. The kind of soul that could never fade but remain untouchable. There will never be another Malcolm.


We will miss you..

With Love.