Get your money, Black man.

Childish Gambino continues to deliver immaculately executed work. From ‘Awaken, My Love!’ to his role as Lando Calrissian, This sentiment remains true with his latest video. “Feels Like Summer”, directed by Ivan Dixon, Greg Sharp and himself, is set in a cozy neighborhood. Artist Justin Richburg created the character design and this isn’t the first time his work shook the social media tables. Aside from the past ruckus, his talent is undeniable.

“Feels Like Summer” dropped as a part of Gambino’s ‘Summer Pack’, an EP featuring one other single: “Summertime Magic”. He collaborated with longtime colleague Ludwig Göransson on the production. ‘Summer Pack’ debuted on July 11th. Andrew Onorato led the background design providing the scenery reminiscent of our own in our youths.

“You can feel it in the streets / On a day like this, the heat / It feel like summer”, Gambino croons right at the end of an enchanting percussive progression and spirited background vocals. Each word echos sweetly in the ear as his vocals have yet to disappoint. Gambino’s ability to synthesize the talents of his friends and himself is commendable.

Feels Like Summer

The sorbet tinted neighborhood houses pop culture and hip hop’s current tastemakers. From Soulja Boy to Janelle Monet, Gambino’s block is stacked. Oprah sat on the porch braiding Lil Uzi’s hair alongside Tiffany Haddish and Zendaya. The culmination of Black cultural references came together beautifully. The song presents larger global issues also like climate change and population control. More so, “Feels Like Summer” highlights community and its importance. Listen to ‘Summer Pack’ available on all streaming platforms. Watch the video for “Feels Like Summer” below.