An interview by Dami Adeyemi with Rozes
Rozes has been in the background for quite sometime and is finally stepping into the light. Known for her background vocals in collaboration with artists such as The Chainsmokers,  Big Gigantic, Cash Cash, and more, Rozes possesses the talent necessary to make her solo debut a big one. At the Hot 100 Festival, I recently got the chance to sit down and speak with her to get a taste of her background as well as some of her plans for for the future:
Dami: Where are you from?
Rozes: Philidelphia
Dami: How did you get into music?
Rozes: I was born into it! My whole family has always done music in church so learning to play piano was like a lot of kids learning how to play baseball.
Dami: What’s the feeling like performing at a Festival like Billboard Hot 100?
Rozes: Its so fun because the demographic and the people it draws is so different from what my shows draw! So it’s so cool to meet and gain new fans. And as a fan I get to see my favorite artists and new ones as well!
Dami: Where do you plan on going next in your direction as an Artist?
Rozes: As I mature, I want my sound to mature. So I want to start moving out of dance music and start becoming more vocally focused.
Dami: Do you have any new music coming?
Rozes: I have a single coming out friday titled “I Don’t” and it’s rounding out who I am as a person right now. And then I plan on releasing another EP
Dami: Who would you like to work with Dead or Alive?
Rozes: Lately I’ve been saying 21 Pilots. I think that would be really cool as far as their sound, emotions, and the way that they play!
Dami: How does it feel breaking out as an artist in comparison to songwriting and vocal features?
Rozes: It’s different! Definitely different because I have to have an image right?! So when you’re a song writer you get to just be who you are and just write what you want to write, but as an artist you have to live as yourself in writing. So it’s hard for me sometimes because I feel pressure a lot but it’s also really cool because people reach out and are there for me more.
Photo by Dami Adeyemi