Don’t let AJ Bank$Y fool you with his hard-hitting first single of “Second Son,” AJ has plenty more topics to explore during the extended play of ‘It Deeps Deeper.’

It does get deeper, much deeper, as AJ Bank$Y explores his own life, past trauma, and times where he didn’t know what would happen next.

During the first track of “D.A.Y.S.,” AJ speaks on the sensation known as vertigo—having his faith put to the test and questioned—all due to something that is out of his control. He sets the tone early, ultimately crashing his dad’s car, but making it through, as we see a bit of light on the follow-up track of “Second Son.”

The race against time and the uncertainty that speaks within us, AJ does a superb job of telling his journey, one that he may have thought would not lead him across the stage to receive a degree from Georgia Tech. “Remember like two years ago, i didn’t think I’d graduate,” AJ rapped on “Are You Okay?” Well, all turned out to be okay. His mom and dad boarded a plane and flew to see their son graduate.

AJ Bank$Y's 'It Gets Deeper' Explores the Grapples of Life and Explores Past Trauma

AJ and mom at Georgia Tech University Graduation

AJ and mom at Georgia Tech University Graduation


All seven of the tracks that appear on the EP (feat. Indigo, Gwai Mak, Robolu) should receive video treatment. AJ adds intricate details that provide insight into his life—many can relate.