To be young and in what you think is love

Emotions run extremely high in our formative years as we become increasingly cognizant of the change occurring around us. The carrot of self-identity dangles in our faces as we reach to obtain some grasp on who we are. This becomes more difficult in relation to others. Alt R&B singer Michael Casper penned his debut single, “Teenage Apathy”, providing a deeper look at the difference between love and codependency. Age isn’t the sole attribute of maturity, either. However Casper, at 19 years old, demonstrates a self awareness that takes time to cultivate.

Love will make someone act in a way they wouldn’t have before. This realization — this conversation — is the experience of Teenage Apathy. – Michael Casper

“Teenage Apathy” is somber yet melodic– the leisurely strum of the guitar complements Casper’s even keel cadence. I appreciated his delivery as it matches sonically with the production. His bars drift through the melody as if in a time lapse, maintaining pace as the environment moves around rapidly. This single takes me to a similar place that Mac Miller’s ‘FACES’ mixtape created during its debut. Casper flips through the slides of his ever-expanding journey. He touches on trust issues and how blind we become once we don those rose colored glasses.

“I think I only love her ’cause she bad for me / I could smell the teenage apathy”, he sings on the hook. This first line simply states the danger of allowing chaos to become a weight-bearing wall in the structure of a relationship.

Feeling too much and not enough

“Teenage Apathy” creates this audio haziness, parallel to walking through a room of stagnant smoke. There is only but so much clarity to gain before smoke fills your path again. In Casper’s circumstance, that smoke may be insecurities, trust issues, and codependency. At some point, much like any other addiction, there comes a time when the line from an act of will to necessity is crossed.

“We fantasize love and romance and will use anyone that will give us attention to fill this space — a temporary placeholder” – Michael Casper

Casper is honest with this track, providing room to evaluate our intentions and reflect. Is this love or are we running from something more imposing? Listen to “Teenage Apathy” on Apple Music, Soundcloud and Spotify. Watch below for the “Teenage Apathy” trailer.