Bas shares his new album, Milky Way

Bas is said to be “next up” out of the Dreamville camp. Rather than think of his movements in the sense of the phrase “next up,” he’s here now, sharing his Milky Way album.

“This album is about finding ground. About not poisoning your own well. About finding and tethering yourself to the love that truly fulfills you. Love of self. Love of others. Lovers. Family. Friends. Fans. You’ve all given me all the affirmation I’ll ever need,” Bas said in a statement. “That is the Milky Way. The only way to go.”

The most impressive part of the album is Bas’ ear for the sonics—challenging the producers of the project and himself to find new gold. Production poured in from: Astro Raw, Bas, Ced Brown, Cedric Brown, Childish Major, Christo, JayKurzweilOyebadejo, J. Cole, KQuick, Meez, Mohamed Hamad, MOMA+Guy, Ogee, Ron Gilmore & Sango, via istanderproducers

Prior to the release of the album, which captures Bas’ culture, journey through many different places he’s visited—allowing the music to paint a picture. Bas’ visual art is captured on the album cover, showing Bas next to Sudan’s Nubian Pyramids, another addition to Bas’ landscape of visual art.

Another impressive aspect of the album, is Bas’ talents of writing about love and the magic of having a muse can bring.

Milky Way features J. Cole, Ari Lennox, Correy C, A$AP Ferg, and LION BABE. Mixed by Ali, the album’s sonic journey is fun to listen to. It’s been two years since Bas’ sophomore album, Too High to Riot—it’s good to see his strong return.