Benjamin Bros. Is a streetwear brand who used all resources they had to not only shine but conquer. In 2015 after chasing their dreams and goals they set out with a mission to be recoginized and after doing so not only did they achieve that locally but internationally through their Merch and Collabs as well as their collection with DJ Scream! But, Phil (Founder of brand) shared with me that, outside the distribution deals and licensing they are a “Thriving streetwear brand” by maintaining quality and authenticity.

Myself personally- I don’t like a lot of attention / fame this brings – l let the company speak for itself because I am rather quite basic and it is never me alone doing it all. I am usually looking for ways to grow the company & keep our team intact. Independently we have been able to do well without any affiliation with popular fashion houses publicly. We must push ourselves to find different ways to reach our people & potential customer. We don’t have a lot in fashion to mark our accomplishments as in other fields- say music, sports, entertainment. No one is standing at the end of the red carpet with a shiny trophy or plaque for streetwear- it’s just us giving the people our culture and we are cool with that- it has grown into a lifestyle for us.

He also expressed how DJ Scream worked closely with him and his idea’s for merchandise and even cover art!

He speaks on that experience saying, “ It meant a lot to be that close to music. Hip Hop & Streetwear go hand in hand. Hip Hop is the street wear billboard. If it’s not hot in hip hop – connected to hip hop or anyway alluding to hip hop music, it’s difficult to accept. After all, if it wasn’t for hip hop we would not enjoy the brands that we typically never see in the hood. Hip Hop money brought out & and suddenly these kids who have nothing – come from nothing – can purchase things in stores where previously we couldn’t afford. It opened our eyes to the luxury.The 2 cultures, rap & streetwear represent the corner we stand on to say we are here, we are fly asf, & we have the gift – to go along with all this sauce. Its an expression to say the least.
Don’t sleep on Benjamin Bros. as they stay true to the brand and themselves while releasing dope threads! Check out their recent collection below and at