“All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with yourself.” – Eckhart Tolle

I often forget: there’s a moment here, right before me, a moment I continue not live.

“I can’t wait” is the biggest distracting phrase I’ve ever repeated, in life. “I can’t wait to be 13,” I said when I was 11. “I can’t wait to be 16,” I said when I turned 13 — the never-ending cycle of continuously wanting more.

I never found anything wrong with wanting more, but if desire stole the joy of current time, it remained rather vindictive.

“Missing out on my years. There’s a time I wish I was where I was, back when I used to wish I was here.” — Drake — Emotionless

Hearing Drake say those lines on his latest effort of Scorpion took me out of the present moment, completely. With increased social media activity, I feel as if I’m in last place of a simulated race. The feeling is torturous — especially for creatives — who may skip out on their race, in order to compete with someone else. Social media is a tool but can also be a tool used against you, for various reasons. It’s time consuming and its a whole world within this application.

I can remember, vaguely, wanting high school to be over. I didn’t get to enjoy my teenage years because I wanted to be an adult and live my life. As I yearned for new years, I could’ve been better prepared for them.

My favorite author (James Allen) said something along the lines of this: we should not complain about what we don’t have until we appreciate what it is we do have. You wish for a new house? What are you doing with the space you have now to prepare yourself for new space?

While I continue to go after — whatver it I’m going after — there needs to be more appreciation, gratitude for the current day. There’s an anxious feeling that sweeps over me when I think of anything other than what’s currently transpiring. Difficulty also sweeps over me—thinking about the next bill that’s due, reports at work, my relationships, family, etc. Anxiety is in my thoughts of what do not exist. The only time that ever mattered is here, now.

I always wanted more but rarely appreciated what I had to start off with.

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The clock will hit zero before we all know it. Time has a way of distracting us until it’s too late.

Aura is a great app that I use to help me get away for 5-10-15 minutes throughout the day, helping me become more mindful, ease my anxiety and increase my peace.