A lot of artists don’t get second chances, but Diana Gordon’s story is nothing short of a miracle. Allow her to reintroduce herself as the better version of herself.

If you know anything about the music industry you know it’s a cutthroat business that shows no mercy. All the glitz and glamour doesn’t matter when artists are faced with deciding between money and happiness, which isn’t always easy. Sadly, this is a reality a lot of artists have to live though in this industry. The saving grace of it all is the handful of artists who are still able to find the strength to power through despite being marginalized and confined to one single entity. She saw success as a pop singer, but now Diana Gordon is starting all over again – as the artist she intended to be.

For 12 years, the young Queens native operated under the moniker Wynter Gordon where she wrote songs for other artists and surrendered her voice to genre of dance/pop music. For years she tried to cater to her fake persona while also staying true to herself, but as time went on she struggled even more. Signed to Atlantic Records for eight years, her days were filled with stress and confusion. Different people telling her who she she had to be and what she had to sing- she lost herself. Suffering from a lack of creative freedom and battling sexism, she was trapped in a business where she felt she wasn’t making a real difference. 

Her breakthrough was ironically her breakdown that saved her career, but it came with a price. She sacrificed the fan base and career she already built to follow her dreams of being a soulful R&B singer. She aspired to be like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, but life had other plans for her. Though she took a long hiatus away from the industry to focus on herself, her return has proved to be triumphant. 

After being absent for five years, the songstress has reemerged under her real name, Diana Gordon, to deliver her latest EP Pure. The EP is her most personal project to date where she explores her troubled childhood, relationship with her estranged brother, and tough journey through the music industry.

Pure wasn’t an easy project for Gordon to release, in fact she’s been holding onto it for two years. While still in the process of figuring out who she is, Diana Gordon created Pure, a beautiful story that stemmed from a dark place. After her panic attack, she relocated to LA to find peace but she discovered so much more. After finding her brother, who was missing for sixteen years, she began recording Pure. The reunion between them sparked something within her to finally share her story. Her childhood was dark, but to make the project less gloomy she chose to highlight the more innocent moments in her life and drew inspiration from that for her songs. A seemingly short diary of some of her most significant moments in life, the 5-track offering is a genuine project for Gordon where she no longer has to hide behind a facade. 

“I’m becoming who I’m supposed to be. It’s good.” – Diana Gordon

While she was writing and releasing music as Wynter Gordon, her work didn’t allow her to establish that personal connection with her fans the way she envisioned. Now that she’s redefining her sound as an R&B singer, she’s made herself more vulnerable in the sense of creating music she enjoys while also giving people the opportunity to get to know who she really is. From songs like “Wolverine” and “Thank You” to “Too Young,” Gordon finally lets us into her world.

She’s been doubted by label executives, haters, and even her own family, but Diana Gordon proved them all wrong with Pure. Her newest project is only the beginning for her. She discovered her own lane where she can express herself freely without the restraints of a label. Diana Gordon is another success story for independent artists and those who are simply trying to make their way through life one day at a time.

She’s experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows, but nonetheless her story is truly one of a kind. Her reintroduction to the world is more so her evolving as an artist who’s still learning who she is exactly. Her courageous spirit is what’s so compelling and the fact that she is determined to share her story with the world is truly inspiring. She doesn’t have it all figured out, but she’s heading in the right direction.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Pure below.