Grab your MetroCard and get ready for an otherworldly trip through New York City in the new “Metro Swipe” video from Daytona Starsky, a Brooklyn-based, Dutch-born artist carving out an innovative and catchy niche in the world of Hip-Hop.

Like the equally unique “Space Boy” before it, “Metro Swipe” is an instantly gripping take on the genre that Starsky has injected with his own brand of psychedelia and melodic vocals. It’s trippy but not for the sake of being drugged out, because there’s something wholly organic about the Netherlands native. You can tell his passions are widespread and all his own, which is something he also brings to the visual side of his art.

The video for “Metro Swipe” centers on the idea that Starsky will be OK so long as his MetroCard has funds available, because it allows him to continue his artistic pursuits and meet up with his special lady. But rather than being a simplistic journey on a subway, the erratic and shape-shifting visuals bring a whole other life to the video and the track itself.

Starsky had a hand in the video, which he edited and also co-directed with Rich Morales, while Alex Syner was the Director of Photography. Starsky and Morales also teamed up to produce the single itself, which stems from Starsky’s upcoming MOON EP, which should be out later this year.

Check out the visuals, and head over to your preferred digital outlet to support the the track, which is available now through all major DSPs via Super Fine Audio. Be on the lookout for more information on Moon, coming soon.