Playboi Carti showed us that the ability to put on great live performance is just as important as putting in work in the studio

Artists’ success thrives not only on their ability to drop hit after hit, but knowing how to give people a show they won’t forget. I mean, what’s releasing a dope track if you don’t know how to deliver it live to your fans and those just curious to see what you’re about?

Playboi Carti, the Georgia-based rapper who many identify as part of the “mumble-rap generation”, proved his worthiness of the spotlight with his performance Thursday in Los Angeles in support of his “Die Lit” album that dropped in May of this year. It was the first of a four-show, three-day Southern California venture that also took him to San Diego and Orange County.

Along with Drupey Kaine (who I actually can’t find any information about online, so holla at me if you know who this rapper is) and “Mo Bamba” rapper Sheck Wes setting the stage for him, Young Carti made a believer out of me just by his presence alone. You can just tell when an artist is having fun on stage and killing it.

His music is often misunderstood (literally) but if that won’t win you over, I can guarantee that his talent seen in person will open your eyes to this new generation of rappers.

Carti making his Los Angeles appearance as part of his Die Lit Tour. Shot by Brian Alvarado

Personally, I’ve never seen the guy nor have I really given his music my full attention besides his biggest hits like “Woke Up Like This” with LIl Uzi Vert and, of course,”Magnolia.” But judging by the mosh pits that already began to ensue before the openers even set foot on stage, I knew that I was going to be witnessing something special.

Before we get into Carti and his set, I wanted to bring up Sheck Wes, who just signed on to Kanye’s label G.O.O.D. Music this year. He came out looking like a man on a mission. Decked out in a Supreme Box Logo hoodie for some extra clout points (sorry if that sounded a little weird), his energy had the crowd behind me in a frenzy.

There were countless numbers of water bottles thrown around and even concertgoers who needed to be pulled out of the crowd by security during Sheck’s brief but electrifying performance. At one point, Sheck almost stomped on me while jumping around because of how actively mobile he was on stage. Let’s just say this performance clearly got everybody involved in some way.

Sheck hasn’t put out too much work yet as he’s still on the rise, but look out for the 19-year-old in the months to come.

But it was the headliner’s night tonight, as Carti blew the roof off of the venue. Take a look at this Instagram video below. Pure chaos.

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To make things even sweeter, Carti brought along a couple of surprises as well. There’s nothing quite like surprise guests as it makes concert-goers feel that they’re getting their money’s worth.

And honestly, with all the rap shows that are set to occur here in Southern California within the next week or two, the list of who could be making a special appearance was endless.

After about a 25 minute break in between Sheck Wes and Carti, the suspense was building up and I could just feel the energy ready to be unleashed from the crowd, a mixture of eagerness, excitement and impatience.

Finally, iced out in a choker and bust down watch, Carti made his entrance and as expected, the crowd was going nuts. It got so crazy behind me that the left shoe of a pair of Zebra Yeezy’s was thrown into the pit, carelessly left behind.

After Carti performed a mix of tracks from his self-titled album mixtape and his album, Los Angeles’ very own Tyler the Creator stormed on stage as the duo performed “Telephone Calls,” a collaboration that also involved ASAP Rocky.

If Odd Future’s presence wasn’t enough for you, even more surprisingly, Nav was in the building too. He and Carti performed “Minute,” which was off of Nav’s “Perfect Timing” mixtape. Nav even gave the Shrine a little extra, performing “Wanted You.”

Overall, the performance was a dope experience to those who may not be familiar with Carti and well-worth it for his fans to finally experience his talent to own the stage. I mean, besides the lost shoes and injuries probably caused from all the moshing, we got to get a glimpse of Sheck Wes and see two other well-known names to unexpectedly hit the stage.

And although sometimes Carti’s music can be a little overlooked at times, there’s no mistake in the fact that he knows how to put on a great show. Carti showed us all why he made a million off that mumble shit.

Enjoy the visual recap below!

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