Perseverance is key

‘Transcends’ (2017)

Austin native Jackie Venson is a multi-talented musician. Her vocals are lively and work harmoniously with the bluesy riffs of a guitar. Last year, Venson released ‘Transcends’, an EP that gained critical acclaim locally and nationally. She returns with a new single titled “Keep On”. There’s a fusion of sounds occurring on the production of this song. It coincides with the different influences around Venson in her youth. Though we were unable to speak in person, we corresponded through email.

B: Was music something you started in youth or were you older? 
JV: I began playing the piano at age 8 and grew up playing classical music. I attended Berklee college of Music and upon graduating I decided to pick up the guitar. The rest is history.
B: What kind of music were you listening to growing up?
JV: I mostly bounced between classical piano music, Disney music, Broadway musical music, and whatever was on the radio.

Stay up and Keep On

B: How does being an Austin native shape the sound of your music? 
JV: Austin Texas is a heavy guitar town so I truly believe my decision to switch to guitar was pretty much subliminal. I grew up listening to my dad’s band rehearse, they played in Austin Texas mainly and I’m sure that rubbed off on me.
B: How does your family/culture shape your music?
JV: Being around my father’s working band was a huge deal. He even bought me my first keyboard, taught me some of his songs, and allowed me to play on stage in his band with him! It was extremely valuable watching him lead a band and gave me skills I didn’t even know I would need. 
B: Did you enjoy making “Keep On”? Were there any hiccups during the process?
JV: It was a song I had just finished and in order to make the deadline for releasing the single in time. That was crazy, the band had learned it in 2 days and we worked it out. The video was even more interesting. We filmed a road trip to Big Bend and a lot of crazy stuff ended up happening including a monsoon in which we got our car stuck in the mud for a whole day. Let’s just say this release fought us a little bit but ended up being one of my favorites. It was worth the trouble!
B:  Who would you love to collaborate with right now?
JV: Kendrick Lamar for sure.


Listen to “Keep On”