Let’s be real for a second

It’s a task in and of itself to watch those close to you spiral out of control in any magnitude. What many of us often avoid is looking in the mirror to see ourselves succumbing to the same fate. It requires conscious efforts and more discomfort than we could bear to stomach but still very necessary. Brooklyn rapper Bert Knox is our personal tour guide through his expedition to loving and accepting himself. ‘Self  Sabotage’ is Knox’s debut EP detailing his ups and downs during a very transitional time in his life.  The creation of this project began last summer as Knox prepared for the commencement of his senior year at Hofstra University. The pressure to graduate and have a job lined up sat heavy on his shoulders like Atlas who carried the world on his own.

“The idea of getting my emotions down on a piece of paper, and then ending up with a song that conveys the feeling I had when I initially wrote it, is what I fell in love with.” – Bert Knox


‘Self Sabotage’ explores the turbulence of “adulting”. Direct your ears to “Asshole”, the four track on this EP. We hear Knox’s account of how loose he would be with his words and intentions. Offending people in the process and not caring about the relationships he tarnished, his flow reflects the nonchalance in his actions. The production matches this attitude has it maintains a level timbre. This project reminds me of Isaiah Rashad’s ‘Cilvia Demo’. A young man navigating through multiple life changes occurring simultaneously makes for excellent music. ‘Self Sabotage’ is Bert Knox’s transparent and forthright introduction to the game. You can find ‘Self Sabotage’ on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud!



Watch the video below for “Forbidden Fruit”.