Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s KIDS SEE GHOSTS album liberated the spirits of Scott Mescudi. Songs like “Cudi Montage,” and “Reborn” created the positive sound scape that entered the ears of the listener. Rather than go into the dark, Cudi spoke about the darkness he’s seen and how bright of the light he’s currently seeing.

In an interview with Billboard Kid Cudi spoke about his current endeavors, positive energy, and his journey to get to the point he’s at now.

“I’m just creating a lot, with more love in my heart for what I’m doing and for myself,” Cudi said. “Living a healthy life, keeping my family around and staying on a mission, which is making music that means something. I’m focusing on my art again and throwing myself back into it and wanting to write something with more of a positive outlook on things, because I’ve written the dark so well for so long.”

Cudi also mentioned that Pain, Passion and Demon Slayin’ was written before he went into rehab. Although the album preludes Cudi’s resurgence into joy, there’s a sense of effort. Cudi said he never had a chance to truly be in the essence of his new-found freedom.

Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s Turmoil in the Past led to What is, the Liberated Album, ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’

As you press play on KIDS SEE GHOSTS, you’ll notice the striking difference in Cudi’s tone and optimism.

Cudi remains the same, but the outlook has changed.