The sweetest taboo

The ever elusive and enigmatic, Sade, is working on new music! Long time collaborator, Stuart Matthewman , confirmed the news in an interview with Rated R&B. He states that “[He and Sade] are working on a new album”. For the millennials, we grew up hearing hits like “The Sweetest Taboo” or “No Ordinary Love”. Though Sade’s catalog extends through decades, we haven’t heard a full length project in eight years. She stepped back into the booth briefly to create a single for Ava Duvernay’s film, A Wrinkle In Time. “Flower of the Universe” was the lead single on the film’s soundtrack. Most of us (including Ava) were surprised she agreed to record the song.

Outside of her reputation for being so distinct in her sound and aura, we know that it’s nearly impossible to solicit Sade for new music. A feat in and of itself, Duvernay cast out her line and received her reward. We can speculate that this encounter sparked a new fire in Sade but Matthewman assures us that when [they’re] happy, then [they’ll] let everyone else hear it.”

While we wait, take the time to get into some deep cuts like “Your Love is King”, or “Never as Good as the First Time”. Explore Sade’s catalog whenever you need an energy reset or have a moment to yourself.  Her music resonates deeply especially during the more turbulent times of our lives so do yourself a service and press play.