The princess is back and she’s better than ever.

Back in the early 2000’s, Ciara was a force to be reckoned with. She was dominating the game as a double threat who could hang with the best of them on the mic and on the dance floor. She took a brief hiatus from music after the release of her 2015 album Jackie, but today she made her smashing return with her new single called “Level Up.”

The new single is an upbeat dance anthem with a dynamic visual to accompany it. The single is quite the opposite of what we’d expect to hear from Ciara, but the nature of the music video puts her right back in her dancing element. Alongside tons of dancers all dressed in “Level Up” gear, Ciara tears down the entire set with a thrilling dance routine. After going through a horrible public break up, getting married and having two kids, Ciara is out to prove she hasn’t missed a beat at all.

The song is her first new release since her last album and she made sure to make her comeback as explosive as possible. “Level Up” is inspired by DJ Telly’s viral “F**k It Up Challenge,” which took over social media a few years ago. If Ciara didn’t have our attention before she sure has it now.

Watch the “Level Up” video below.