Live your best life

Swimming album cover

That seems to be the motto these days. Yet, what does that look like? Sometimes, it seems as if we equate consistent destructive behavior as “living”. It is, in the literal sense but in the moment we’re attempting to silence that deafening truth we refuse to face. Miller bestows upon us his story of self care and what that means for him. Hitting the floor after being up is humbling and a test of the will to climb again.

“So like September I fall (down) / down below / Now I know that the medicine be on call” 

That “medicine” changes for all of us. It may be substances, sex, isolation, etc. True enough though, it will be on call lying in wait for us to overdose. Now that makes us pose the question then, what is self care? Miller presents us with an answer in this song. His cadence here is nurturing which, if we find ourselves at the bottom, is essential. The production supports his flow maintaining that genial vibe– bubbly synths partnered with light kicks and snares. The beat changes to a slower pace halfway through as does his cadence which is more melodic. The beat progression imitates the way the process moves when we find contentment. Stillness in motion, “Self Care” is about six minutes of positive affirmations over a great melody. We often need to prevent ourselves from doing anything but working to understand what is happening in the present.

Treat Yo’self 2018

“Self care / I’m treating me right, yeah / Hell yeah / We gonna be alright” 

Treat yourself to the love you deserve, from yourself and from others. Miller shows us the strength acquired through love for and honesty with yourself. In doing so, he possessed the ability to stand and begin his ascension yet again. “Self Care” functions as a release for Miller and presents potential to be an escape and/or a wake up call for us. Overall, this song opens up the umbrella that’ll shield us from those rainy days especially when we don’t care to use it.  Watch the video for “Self Care” below and pre-order ‘Swimming’ here.