This is not a drill folks.

Mac Miller aka Larry Fisherman aka Delusional Thomas is here to break us off with a new album. Now if your memory serves you correct (as well as your music library), recall when he released three singles in May. Today on Instagram and Twitter, he delivered a short trailer for an unreleased song. With this promo, Miller reveals the name of the album: ‘Swimming’.

The official date for release is August 3rd! One of my favorite qualities about Miller, which I’ve shared before, is his honesty. He maintains the position to be the sole storyteller of his life regardless of the various versions we hear from others. These “others” being gossip and pop culture sites along with the craziest speculations from fans and the like. Amidst his legal woes, almost seriously injuring himself and heartbreak, he granted us a potential glimpse into ‘Swimming’. “Programs”, “Buttons” and “Small Worlds” were just morsels of what may come with this new album.

From the snippet of music in the video, I’m preparing myself for all the feels. I hope the creation of this album allowed Miller to continue healing and express himself positively. He’s been more than candid about his struggle with substance abuse and time again, music saves the day. Check out the promo for ‘Swimming’ below.