The self-written and creative-directed video foretold the passing of the young Florida rapper.

While the world still mourns the lost of 20-year-old XXXTentacion, the young rapper’s music continues to live on. Just ten days following the death of the South Florida native, his team released the posthumous visual for his No. 1 hit song “SAD!”

The chilling video depicts the events of XXXTentacion’s death through his eyes where he’s seen attending his own funeral. As he’s watching himself lay in a casket, his other self jumps out of it where the two engage in a brutal fistfight. The video is loaded with symbols, but the note left following the fight is truly touching.

“People change, things change, and so did I. As long as the outcome is good for family and myself I’m not complaining.”

The video ends with an on-screen message saying “You have done well at battling yourself. Your demon seems to honor your efforts. Are you satisfied?” before closing with “Long Live Prince X.”

While XXXTentacion was viewed as a very controversial figure, his music still touched the hearts of his many fans. His death was sudden, but a warning sign for other young people to follow.

Watch the video for “SAD!” below.