Real love is refreshing

Afro-Soul artist, TolumiDE dropped off a brand new song with us today. “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” merges R&B with afro beats to create a moving and jovial song. She was born in Canada to Nigerian parents and very much infuses Naija culture in her music. She grew up in Nigeria where dance and music lined her formative years from elementary school through high school. Emigrating back to Toronto, she attended York University as a student of their Fine Arts program. While in school, she became a member of Women Ah Run Tings, a female reggae group. TolumiDE caught her first big breaks as they acquired various nominations at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards. Not only that, many of their videos premiered on Much Music. Soon after, she suffered the loss of her mom to cancer yet continued school to finish her degree. She moved to Baltimore and while working for FOX45, found herself involved with more philanthropic endeavors. All the while her pursuit of music never faltered as she sang at open mics in Baltimore and Washington D.C. with her solo single “Because You Know”.

The streets began to bubble with the word of TolumiDE’s talent and eventually landed her Best Female R&B Artist at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2006. Since then, she’s released an EP in 2007 and a full-length album in 2010. Now in 2018, she’s giving us the premiere single from her forthcoming album, ‘Suya Soul’.

TolumiDE brings us joy

“Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” is a love song that gets listeners moving to the groove and fills us with joy. Her saccharine vocals coat the track as she serenades us about the feeling of a healthy love. More often than not, we tend to be blinded by the potential of our partner. The danger in this is we mistake our idea of our love for the person with true love. Nevertheless, this proves to be false for TolumiDE. “In your arms, I’m flying like a bird / In your arms, I’m safe and secure” and honestly, what more can you ask for when it comes to love? The production attests to the easiness of real love, in the sense of it flowing freely and without inhibition.

“When I wrote “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” I was feeling so happy and grateful to be a relationship where I felt genuine love. Fun Mi Layo means “you give me joy” in Yorúbá and that’s the exact sentiment I wanted to share with this single. It’s the idea of fairytale love becoming an unbelievable reality.” – TolumiDE

Dedicate this song to your partner or let it play at your cookout this summer while the sun sets. TolumiDE provides us with an outlet for love, safety and positivity. She supplies us with a new summer chune perfect for initiating a sway in our hips and butterflies in our stomachs. Stay updated with TolumiDE on Twitter (@tolumide) and listen to “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” below.