Via her MXMAY label, Milan Ring releases a new single, titled “Obscured.” The song is written, produced, and performed by Milan.

“This song is dedicated to my father and grandmother and all the people who have experienced any kind of disconnection, abandonment, or displacement in their lives,” Milan said. “This song speaks of that journey from shore to shore, from a lifetime of disconnection to new beginnings.”

Soul/Pop Artist Milan Ring Releases new Single "Obscured"

Milan’s spirit and energy can be found in both the written and production course of each track, putting her soul into her music. “Ain’t So” is another track from her catalog that lunges forward with creative cuts in the production, adding more shock value to the lyrics being vocalized.

Milan has collaborated with artists such as DRAM and Social Experiment.

Check out the single below and let us know what you think of it.