Louisiana native, Shante Franklin more commonly known as Curren$y (Spitta Andretti and Curren$y the Hot Spitta), is no novice to the game. His career spans 16 years and has yet to falter. His discography traverses different eras in hip hop while still blending in his own unique sound. Curren$y started out signed to No Limit Records in the very beginning of his career as a member of the 504 Boyz. From there, he continued to rise in the ranks of Louisiana artists alongside Master P, C-Murder and Li’l Wayne.

Fast forward a couple years and Curren$y signs to Young Money. He nabs features on a series of Li’l Wayne’s projects all the while releasing his own music such as ‘Life At 30,000 Feet’. He leaves the label in 2007 and starting in 2008, released a mixtape every month. This lasted for almost the entire year as he rapped over classic hip hop beats and originals. Since then, I’m sure there’s music of his we still haven’t heard between mixtapes, albums and collaborative projects. The length of his catalog is deceivingly infinite. He now has his own record company, Jet Life Recordings and is also signed to Atlantic.

What personally made me a fan of Curren$y was how well his music intersects with other aspects of culture. TV, film, fashion, the list goes on. Ask any fan of his to name their favorite project and you’ll get a list of at least five, myself included. Now the question still remains, how does he maintain such a devoted fan base? I’ll keep it short and sweet: Curren$y is 100% himself at all times.

Staying true to you

Curren$y never folds under pressure, the epitome of calm, cool and collected. I’m sure his love for Mary Jane plays a vital part as well but nevertheless, he hasn’t changed. Too often in hip hop, an artist can fall off track because of pressure from labels, personal issues, or even experimentation. There are moments of doubt and fans can be fickle especially when certain expectations are no longer met. While I am sure there were moments where the road ahead didn’t seem so clear, Curren$y stayed on the grind. It is because of his unwavering work ethic, his realness and ability to connect on multiple levels that his success continues.

In addition to making music, he restores and customizes vintage cars, is a dog breeder and sponsors a local AAU basketball team in Lousiana. It’s crystal clear that Curren$y is for the people. He’s worked with a plethora of artists as well, many of whom influence his sound. They include Jadakiss and Styles P, Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Slim, Big KRIT and more.

His newest project released yesterday titled, ‘The Marina EP’. He partnered up with producer Harry Fraud, a follow up to their first project ‘Cigarette Boats’. Quite honestly, these two don’t miss a beat when working together. ‘The Marina EP’ includes features from Action Bronson, Smoke DZA and French Montana, all with whom he’s worked previously. It’s the perfect formula to get that W. Harry Fraud’s ear is undeniably sharp for crafting the beats perfectly suited for Curren$y’s bars. His carefree cadence is his signature with notes of that Louisiana drawl and never does he forget to rep the set with a lazy “Jet la la la la” to start or end a song. Take a listen to ‘The Marina EP’ below and do some more digging if you like what you heard! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.