Easy Mac with the cheesy raps

It appears that Mac Miller’s hiatus may come to an end with the release of three new tracks in the wee hours of the morning. In the midst of all the heat between Pusha and Drake, these singles are a nice neutralizer. Nonetheless, it suggests that Miller needed this release as some aspects of his life have been less than pleasant lately. Recently, his relationship with Ariana Grande ended, amicably but we can only speculate. He also had a run in with the law, charged with a DUI and fleeing the scene of a crash. Fortunately, Miller didn’t injure himself or anybody else.

“Small Worlds” is the first track and if you’re familiar with his aliases, it sounds like Larry Fisherman was behind the boards. Slightly melancholy, the production is light on the ears with infusions of jazz horns and a lazy Sunday bass line. His flow parallels the same feeling as he contemplates the ways of the world.

“The world is so small til it ain’t / Til it ain’t, til it ain’t, til it ain’t / I’m building up a wall til it break / Til it break, til it break, til it break”

“Small Worlds” sounds like the conversation you have with yourself while you take a walk to clear your mind. The idea that money can buy happiness is truly called into question in this song. Mac Miller is no stranger to the pressures that come with “keeping up with the Jones’s” and has been equally transparent about his battles with  addiction. All it takes is one event in our lives to send us spiraling but we’re more than grateful that Miller chose to face his emotions through music.

Creating through it

“Buttons” is track number two and there is still nuances of melancholy but the production is more upbeat. Still, he incorporates jazz horns and piano but adding more kicks and snares giving the beat more punch. Lyrically, he shows up and shows out switching up his cadence between the verses and the hook. This track provides more finite details to the ins and outs of his life. Miller is constantly on the go, obtaining bigger and better but still poses the question, is that always better?

“Umbrellas could never weather the storm / No sympathy for the Devil / Too busy building a temple”

Even with this added insight, we’re still oblivious to the daily life of Mac Miller and celebrities in general. One thing to remember is that they are all still people with flaws and fears. “Buttons” tackles his struggles with the madness of his personal life and the world around him.

Lastly, we have “Programs”. The sound on this track is more aligned with the bouncy trap that’s taken over the airwaves. The mood for this song is much more pleasant as he’s shaken off his inhibitions ready to take the world by storm once more. Let the top down when you let this play in the whip because he is spitting heat and talking his shit.

“I’m only keeping good company / I am not talking to you if you don’t have love for me”

Love appears to be the motif of these three singles. Losing the love of a partner and for yourself, rebuilding that self love, and protecting yourself with genuine love. Mac Miller never left but we’re glad he’s found love again. Check out these new singles live on his website.