Drake versus Pusha T – two great opponents, but only one can be crowned king.

All this beef needed was a subliminal shot and a diss track to add more fuel to the fire. Chaos ensued Friday night (May 25) when Drake unexpectedly responded to Pusha T’s “Infrared” with his diss track, “Duppy Freestyle.” These two were bound to go head to head one day and that day has finally come. So the real question between Drake versus Pusha T is who comes out on top?

Drake is unarguably one of the greatest artist of our generation and Push has always had an insanely, cold pen game. Between the two rappers, someone is always going to trump the other and unfortunately for Pusha T, he will never win. Pusha T doesn’t stand a chance against Drake and for his career’s sake he should quit while he’s ahead. As someone who enjoys both rappers’ music, I think they’re both extremely talented but Pusha T can’t beat him.

Pusha T’s resume up against Drake’s doesn’t compare.

Drake’s fan base is significantly larger than Push’s in terms of appeal to multiple audiences across genres other than rap. Drake has been hustling in the music industry for over a decade now. He’s proven time and time again although his pen game has waived over the years, his popularity has only intensified. No matter what Drake does he has solidified a fan base so loyal that even with minuscule bars and mediocre material, he will be praised because his legend status is enough to save him.

Pusha T has not been afforded that luxury in his career because he’s always been overlooked. Lyrically, Pusha T is more than capable of bodying Drake on a track, but to listeners, that doesn’t matter. Sad to say it, but rap beef is no longer settled by the best diss, but who has the bigger record. Pusha T isn’t very dependable when it comes to delivering hits. Drake has that formula down to a science because he proves it every single time he drops something new no matter what. The number game in this case plays against Push. If both rappers dropped an album on the same day it wouldn’t even be a debate about who you’re listening to. Drake will win every time. Small loyal fanbase, lack of hit records, and low on the popularity scale – three strikes and Push is out.

It’s unfortunate that this is how it’s going to play out for Push. He’s an extremely underrated rapper in terms of top 5, but he can’t compete and that’s just how the game goes. This isn’t the first time these two have traded words, but it sounds like the final straw. To avoid suffering the same fate of Meek’s career, Push should stay quiet and let ‘Daytona’ ride out.