“Depression is closer to home than you think,” pat junior begins his short film/music video for “an ode to a jump off.” “Be there for your friends. Let your friends be there for you.”

Life can go from giving you the best feeling you’ve ever experienced on this earth, to then, plummeting to a world you don’t want to be a part of. pat junior captures this feeling the best during his video/short film.

“The inspiration for this record came from how I often experience depression. Everything in my life can be going really good and something really bad can happen out of nowhere and it brings me from 10 to 2 in a matter of minutes; this particular cycle of events happens multiple times in 1-2 months. I remember Timmy V, co-producer of the track, identifying with this and saying, ‘the best way to describe my life is “lit and fucked up at the same time.”

One part of the video that stuck out to me the most, is the woman during the short film. She attempts to get pat’s attention, but he doesn’t want it, and it’s clear. At least I assume it appears to be clear that pat is going through something and she continues to be close to toxic during this time. There have also been times when I feel nobody is there for me during my depression and as pat dialed his friend’s number, he never received an answer. Perhaps his friend is also going through issues of his own.

I had initially set out to write a video treatment for the song but I ended up writing more than that.  I really wanted to give context to metaphor in the lyrics and bring that out visually. When everything was edited and I let a few folks see it, I realized I had a short film on my hands.

Check out the music video/short film below and let us know what you think of it.