Never forget your roots.

Brooklyn vocalist, Ajo premiered a new video this month called “Gotta Love It”. This is an open letter to the hood that raised her and in a larger respect, to the hoods worldwide. Spreading love in true Brooklynite fashion, she sends us around town as the fly on the wall. We can observe daily life: waiting for the train, men getting a fresh cut and boys playing ball.

“This one’s for all my hoods / and rough neck of the woods” she sings as we wait for the beat to drop. Images of New York essentials flash across the screen — blacktop courts, Timbs and murals in memory of those we’ve lost. Ajo illustrates how quotidian aspects of life are what shape us. Needless to say, not every aspect is positive but there is always a silver lining hidden underneath it all. While we continue our journey through the city, Ajo’s voice continues to serenade us. Smiling faces join her as she sings ‘gotta love it’ on the hook, sharing a laugh about the everyday antics in the city.

“This goes out to all my folks who weren’t meant to survive / If you ain’t heard the news, / we won’t be destroyed or ignored / and we thrive”

The line above, I belive, encompasses the true message of the song. With all that may be put in our way, you gotta love it — we have the opportunity to overcome. Yet, not only to overcome but to prosper especially in the face of gentrification! Ajo utilizes her voice and this video to convey the power of the people. She possesses a home grown, down-to-Mars energy that establishes her as the perfect conduit for this message.

The Feature Presentation

“Gotta Love It” debuted on Afropunk earlier this month and I am pleased to present it here on BLUNTIQ. Ajo’s roots are firmly planted in everything she creates and this notion is more than apparent with “Gotta Love It”. Be sure to stay updated with Ajo on twitter (@foreverajo). Watch the video below.