And the Weather’s So Breezy…

Now that the weather is finally breaking (though these April showers were a tad late to the party seeing that it’s now May), singer Carter Reeves drops off a new single, “Fly High”. He is joined by Abhi The Nomad, a previous Peep This feature. Reeves’s buoyant vocals along with the lighthearted production, I couldn’t help but crack a little smile and move to the music. Abhi The Nomad adds another refreshing touch to the track with his verse. If you’ve listened to his latest project, Marbled, then you are already familiar with Abhi’s lyrical dexterity.

Reeves’s is no stranger to the game. Before starting his solo career, he was a member of Aer, an alt hip hop duo. Since then, he’s performed at Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest and generated over 1 million streams (and counting).

Fresh Fruit is the name of his EP that dropped last year. “Fly High” is a new single for what I assume is his forthcoming project. One could speculate that this track serves as a reminder to both Abhi The Nomad and Reeves to keep aiming high and enjoy every moment of it. Often times, we feel we must create from a place of pain and hurt. This isn’t to say artists err by tapping into their tribulations, but that there are multiple places from which to create. Reeves and Abhi the Nomad present us with an amazingly feel good track in “Fly High” to raise the spirits and find the silver lining in the not so shiny parts of our lives.



Stay updated with Carter Reeves on twitter (@carterreeves) and Abhi The Nomad (@abhi_thenomad). Here;s the video for “Fly High” below!