The New York singer/songwriter plans on releasing her debut project this summer.

I had the pleasure of stumbling across Diana Gordon this past February while attending a show for Brent Faiyaz’ Sonder Son tour in Philadelphia. The singer/songwriter is a Queens, NY native who got her start in the music industry back in 2005. Being a new artist who didn’t know much about the industry to begin with proved difficult for her career. Performing under the stage name Wynter Gordon, she took a step back from music for a few years to get her mind right.

She reemerged in 2016 when she released her very personal single “The Legend Of” under her real name, Diana Gordon. The single was the first of many to illustrate her true life story. After laying low touring and working on new music, she returned today with a new single called “Kool-Aid” off her upcoming EP.

The single was inspired by her little brother who she found after missing for 16 years, struggling with schizophrenia. The singer wrote and recorded the single after moving to LA and reuniting with her brother. She spoke with Pigeons and Planes about him and her process behind recording “Kool-Aid.” “After I would come from the supermarket I would go and wash him in the shower, clean him and the walls from whatever he threw on them that day and then go home and put some words down, hum some melodies.”

“Kool-Aid” is a single that is expected to appear on her upcoming EP rumored to drop sometime this summer.

Listen to the single below.