Danny Davie shares his captivating, stellar music video of “Break Interlude.” It’s not your average video, adding in animated effects to represent the powerful presence of the lyrics.

“The idea for the video came from me once experiencing a pretty intense sleep paralysis,” Danny said. At the time, I was pretty stressed out in life, and I felt stuck.”

Anyone who battles with mental health, knows that the battle is never easy and some days are harder than others. However, as a creator, we cherish these moments where we can let our art represent our struggle; pain becomes bliss.

Abstract stop-motion artist Piripinghi matched his vision with Danny’s, making for an interesting representation of Danny’s single.

“I definitely felt like I was holding myself back mentally. I knew it was a battle against me and my own mind and I had to overcome myself and work hard to be where I want to be.”

Check out the animated video below.