3-o-whop. Ciscero is one of the emerging artist from Maryland, P.G. County Maryland, that is on the rise.

Devil’s Pie is the forthcoming EP from Ciscero. What I gained from hearing Ciscero speak about the project, there’s an influx of confusion, distractions, and the attempt to constantly survive. During Ciscero’s “Function” track, featuring GoldLink, April George, and Cheakaity, survival and mortality are the undeniable themes.

The video, directed by Michael Bregenzer, takes us through Maryland and D.C. My, how quickly our joy can be taken away from us during a joy ride. But hey, that’s just how the function goes sometimes. Ciscero goes from enjoying a car ride with others, to having the driver shoot him, put him out of the car, and leaves him to die. However, Ciscero plays the role of many, hence the reason there are different folks rapping along to his verse.


“Have you heard the news,”

Ciscero recites at the end of the music video. “We ain’t normal lives, these ain’t normal times.”

There are messages that I feel will be shed out, all throughout Ciscero’s EP. Even if a person doesn’t enjoy music, at least there is relativity and empathy behind the message. If you’re going to get behind the mic, say something worth saying. Ciscero achieves that.

Check out the music video below.