Bas has no shortness of breath or words on “Pinball II”

It’s a long ride from 2013 to 2018. In 2013, Dreamville’s Bas released his Quarter Water Raised Me II project. That body of work would be the home to the Cedric Brown-produced track “Pinball.” Fast forward five years later and we have the second installment to the song. Along with Cedric on the production, J. Cole, and ClickNPress grab hold of the boards as well.

Bas begins his verse with encouraging words to the black men of the world.

Shine black man melanin gold
I hope you never get old
Keep your youthful spirit
I know the world do fear it
You’re the tip of the spear
And with our dyin’ breaths I bet the world gon’ hear it

Arguably, the song doesn’t have any breaks in between. Bas bridges the song for a short time, then goes right back into his another verse, which adds more kerosene to the fire ignited in the first verse.

Corey C closes the song out with a chorus-like ending.

See I want you to see
I’ve been through so many things
Things ain’t always what they seem
Hope you get the message
I hope you figure it out
Now I’m right where I belong
Had to let it go
All the pain I was holding on
Now I get the message
I had to figure it out