From Chengdu to Brooklyn

Bohan Phoenix is bridging the gap between the East and West. He infuses Chinese culture into hip hop quite effortlessly by staying true to self. His new interactive video for ‘Overseas’ provides us with different perspectives of his journey, literally. This video was shot from various angles between which we can alternate. ‘Overseas’, produced by Ryan Hemsworth, is a catchy ode to his experience of becoming a rapper and some obstacles he faced. The first verse is in Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles to follow along then the remainder of the song is in English.

“‘Cause I was born overseas / Then my mama took me overseas / Now that I’m back finally / Do it for me and my family” – Overseas

Phoenix sheds light on the disconnect between his dreams and the dreams his family had for him. In many instances, children of immigrants bear the pressure of surpassing their parents’ circumstances. What that often looks like is working a financially secure job that’s unfulfilling or spending years in school. However, Phoenix stuck with his dreams of becoming a rapper and it’s paying off.


‘Overseas’ is directed by 18 Uppercut and sponsored by Beats by Dre. The scene opens to Phoenix playing the piano to the tune of the beat in front of a projected image. As you watch on your phone, you can tap and hold an area on your screen to change the angle. 18 Uppercut filmed these angles simultaneously as well. There are four different angles from which to choose or you can just let the video play at the main angle. As we advance in our technology, it appears that our creativity decreases. Nevertheless, Phoenix presents an innovative way for listeners to interact with his music and allows his creativity to flourish for all of us to enjoy.

As the video progresses, the piano is set ablaze and dancers fill in the space to engage in a Waltz amidst the flames. Phoenix remains at the piano, playing with grace as the instrument continues to burn. Ryan Hemsworth did an excellent job combining the melody of the piano with smooth kicks and hi-hats that give an extra bounce to the song. There is also a YouTube friendly version that you can play straight through and the angles change on their own. If you like ‘Overseas’, then follow Bohan Phoenix on Soundcloud and Apple Music to check the rest of his catalog. To watch the interactive version of the video, click here!