Tyler, The Creator dropped off a new video and single for us today. ‘Okra’ hit the internet streets no more than an hour ago! Though he calls it a “throwaway song”, it still highlights his lyrical capacity. In true Tyler fashion, the video is full of vibrant colors, visual distortion and unabashed energy. The scene opens to a split screen of A$AP Nast and Lucas riding trick bikes over small dunes to the camera panning to Tyler as it shows off his new GOLF le FLEUR* Converse. The video remains in split screen giving us two different views– a wide shot of Tyler and a close shot of Tyler.

“give a fuck about you or your respect yeah that way /  fuck your accolades but i made the cut like i pack a blade / you could call me brush ive been making waves / since ashley banks cousin had a fade but that’s 92 I’m 91” – Tyler, The Creator

Initially, he’s calm as we see him sitting in front of an large tree. The winds blows through the branches as he maintains his pose. The close shot is just his mouth as he starts spitting his verse. We can see flecks of gold peeking from underneath his lips from his grill. As ‘Okra’ progresses, the energy levels amplify as well. Tyler keeps his flow steadfast, seemingly without taking a single breath donning more of his clothing and showing out with his friends. The video reaches its peak level of energy with a disclaimer for those with epilepsy because the final scenes are full of flashing, strobe lights. Watch the video for ‘Okra’ below and read along with the lyrics too!