An influx of music comes my way on a daily—sometimes through email, sometimes through direct messaging. Either way, it makes it hard to keep up with all the music to arrives. This past week, I set aside time each day to check out some artists and hoping to hear some good music. Easier done than said as I found a number of songs of which I liked and would love to share with you guys.


Ciscero feat. GoldLink, April George, and Cheakity – Function

Ciscero is a Prince George’s County, Maryland native. My first listen to Ciscero came by way of Goldlink’s At What Cost Album, with the song “Same Clothes As Yesterday. Ciscero will continue to apply pressure this year with his Devil’s Pie EP. The concept behind the title is society being caught up in everything that doesn’t matter: material things, money, cars, etc. “Function” features Goldlink, April George, and Cheakity. The song is produced by Supah Mario. Survival is the theme and Ciscero narrates the ins and outs of making it to another day. Kill it’s hard to survive, but damn this music feels good moe.

pat junior – Let It… (Breathe)

I’ve been following North Carolina artist pat junior’s movement for some time now. His dedication to his craft is phenomenal and he’s meticulous with his output. His follow up project to Black and Mild is the sequel, Black Wayne.

“My hope is that this project inspires people to deal with their internal issues rather than hide them and bury them with whatever their defense mechanism is– mine is work,” pat explained in a statement. “My hope is that it also inspires people to know when to temporarily step out their realm of problems to help and be present for their friends and family.”

Mir Fontane – Snowman

New Jersey’s own Mir Fontane set the month of March on fire with his Macaroni Tony EP. He knows how to play with his vocals that puts him into an unique lane. “Frank Ocean” was just the start of what he could do, and he’s showcasing his talents on this new body of work.

“Snowman” is my favorite track on the project, leading in front of “Bodega.” The song is produced by Kenif Muse and Kev Rodgers. They sample Timbaland and Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” and max out on the production. Fontane’s writing is as strong as I can imagine on this one and it closes out the extended play with a smooth sign off, signaling homage to Andre 3000— what’s colder than cold? Ice cold.

Austin Royale – White Toes “Freestyle”

Ausin Royale, another North Carolina representative, is strategic with his releases. Everything is thought out. Artwork, release date, credits, he’s on top of his game. “White Toes” arrived to me prematurely, but hearing the end results, it’s satisfying to hear. Brio delivers a hard-hitting beat and Royale takes the opportunity to give it his all. Recorded in Raleigh, NC, the session looked pretty dope.

I’m focusing on consistency with the content this year,” Austin told us. “ I’m putting the finishing touches on my debut project “PLAN|A”, but I wanted to put out some new music for my supporters to listen to until the project drops.”


Chris McClenney – sidetoside

I am new to to the McClenney party, but man, this guy makes good-timeless music. The Maryland representative’s “sidetoside” brings me into the elements that I missed in R&B, or at least the elements that I couldn’t find. Tony Tony Tone, Maxwell–that style of R&B. McClenney’s talents deliver feel-good music in times of chaos, warmth to winter, and the breeze for the hot months.


Bohan Phoenix – OVERSEAS

China-born rapper Bohan Phoenix will rack up wins from creativity, alone. His visual efforts puts him in a different conversation, as he merges his culture into American culture. Bohan gets a lot of backlash from his family for rapping, but he continues to push forth and follow his intuition.

G-Scott feat. ArchDuke – Westside

Produced by Kount and Jacobi, Indiana artist G-Scott runs the melodical route properly and mixing in the substance of his life. What’s life like for G-Scott on the “Westside”?, Scott and ArchDuke break it down for us.

Micheal Taylor – WATCHMYBACK

4K don’t play no games, continuing to pole vault over any doubts. Baltimore native Micheal Taylor teamed up with Daupin Amir and VNC3 for the production of his latest track “WATCHMYBACK.” The track gives off alternative-punk energy mixed with melodies that slow down the potential energy. Micheal is good at ranging his creativity in many directions; none of his tracks sound alike. The progression.

BigTyme feat. Fat Trel and King Los – Count It Up

BigTyme hails from PG County, Maryland, Fat Trel is from Northeast D.C., and King Los brings his talents from Baltimore, Maryland. The beauty of the track presented to us, “Count It Up,” is the diversity and the stint of each rapper on this track. BigTyme brings flow, lyrics, and an array of cadences. Fat Trel has been slowly but surely building back up his strength on the mic and doesn’t show any wear or tear on this one. King Los matches the intensity of BigTyme and goes off too.


Alexander Mack – Old School Cool

I discovered Alexander Mack after attending California artist Caleborate’s show in D.C. this past weekend. Mack’s energy is crazy and the V.A. artist has a cool ear for production and he produces his own music. “Old School Cool” shows off his charisma and energy.