TwonDon goes for “The Throne” in new music video

TwonDon, New Jersey native, dished off his track “The Throne” towards the end of January. It’s one of his most ambitious releases yet.

TwonDon Releases new Single, “The Throne”

What’s an ambitious track without the music video to match? Twon releases the visuals which are inspired by the movie Fight Club. There’s only one rule in Fight Club… you don’t talk about Fight Club.

“It was very ‘Fight Club’ inspired, I’m not sure if you’ve seen that film but I love it and what it represents,” Twon told us in a statement. “I wanted to convey that with this video. I also wanted to show some aspect of “fighting for the throne” as you see me in an altercation with someone twice my size.”

The visuals don’t just stop with the Fight Club influence, Twon then takes it up a notch, matching the feeling of the song with what he feels it looks like in visual format.

“I added the scenes of me being a priest with a nun, because I always looked at this record as “lyrical gospel” so I thought it’ll be a nice touch.”

Twon doesn’t take his creativity lightly and prefers to get his creations as close to perfection as possible.

“Quality is really important. I have the opportunity to give my ideas, vision, thoughts, etc to the world. So when I do, I want to execute correctly.”