Talk About It and Be About It

“Actions speak louder than words” is a mantra ingrained in our psyches from our youth. Yet, this concept still eludes many of us even in adulthood. PxRRY understands the significance of being a person of your word with his latest single, “Prove It”. The singer from CT dropped off this Tia Long directed video on Feb. 25th and the reception has been plentiful. “Prove It” is the lead single from his debut EP, Overdue. I personally enjoyed this single and the video because it is an amalgam of nostalgic R&B love and contemporary production and vocals.

photo by Shaun Llewellyn

“I originally wrote this song for another artist but it connected much more with me.  It’s so aggressive, yet vulnerable at the same time which is 100% me.” – PxRRY

Can You Prove It?

Tia Long and cinematographer Jamie Tobias truly found a sweet spot with the visuals. They constructed this vignette highlighting the exasperation of leading lady, Alexandra DeHart and her insensitive boyfriend, JalenThe2ndWon. Here is where the nostalgia plays a part, also with PxRRY’s dance sequences with and without his backup dancers. In this new wave of R&B, it is less common to see the singers themselves performing choreographed routines. Something deceiving simple as dancing is what sets PxRRY apart from most. This enables him to ascend past the level of just singing and reach the level of being an entertainer. This is essential as it emphasizes his ability to be a dynamic artist.

The production in “Prove It” also possess that excellent mix of an older R&B sound with newer elements. Produced by B.A.M., the video aligned well with the soundscape he created. PxRRY’s voice has a seductive undertone without overbearing the message of the song. His sultriness is the final element to bring this entire experience together.

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