G Eazy, the Oakland California artist who isn’t a stranger to the charts or stardom has found early success, especially with the previous hit “Me, myself, & I.” Which made its way to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100. As of late, G Eazy has another “banger” on his hands with “No limit” featuring Cardi B and A$AP Rocky, which is every where! The single then led to Eazy’s latest project “The Beautiful & Damned” which was released near the end of 2017.

The 20 track project takes you on a ride of an artist struggling with balancing angels and demons, late nights and faded mornings, and overall highs and lows of a artist in the industry. With a project filled with emotion, it’d be great to see live and we’ll get the chance witness. G will hit the road for a tour with Trippie Red to support the album and Bluntiq will be there an you should be too. Hit the link for tour dates and tickets. g-eazy.com/tour

Photos by Bobby Bruderle