God Loves Hip Hop

It’s true, you know? YB figured out how to enrich his faith in God and inspire others to follow suit via hip hop. Today his album, God Still Has Soldiers 2, is available to stream/purchase on all platforms. He dropped off a new video for the first track on the album, “Fire Emoji” and it’ll definitely get your feet moving.

The production for this track is dramatic as you hear the sample of the choir woven into the melody. Trap hi-hats gives the song a bit more bounce. He attacks the beat providing a lesson of the ways in which God pulls through.

Fire Emoji” is the opening song on the record. It sets the tone for the entire album.” – YB

The merge between secular music and gospel is one that we should welcome with open arms. Quite often, we hear out favorites speak to matters of faith (or lack thereof) in hip hop. YB reassures us that even in our doubts, we needn’t worry because faith will guide us back into our confidence and back to God.

I wanted the song to grab the listener. I believe it did just that. This video took the song’s energy to a whole new level.”

Watch the video for “Fire Emoji” here