Bishop Nehru – Up, Up & Away

Bishop Nehru’s Emperor Nehru’s New Groove was a 2017 release, released in the late portion of 2017. Conceptual and meticulous with how he puts together his projects, his next album will be aligned with his planning as well.

Bishop Nehru Returns with ‘Emperor Nehru’s New Groove’

On March 16. Bishop will be releasing his two-part album, Elevators: Act I & II. The excitement also comes from knowing that Kaytranda and MF DOOM are producing the entire body of work.

Act I is Ascension while Act II is labeled as Free Falling. Today, Nehru releases a single from Act II, titled “Up, Up & Away.” As you listen to the content of the track, you can hear (the lyrics) and feel why (the production) it fits in the range of ascension.

Check out the track below.