Supreme Ace delivers the second installment to Trill Influence

Supreme Ace arrives with Trill Influence 2 project. Mickey Christmas, OG Maco, Ye Ali, Jace, Mir Fontane, Wave Chappelle and more join Ace on this new venture. It’s a venture that continues from previous times.

“I’ve been recording it since the end of 2015, Ace told us. “I released a tape titled ‘Something I Put Together back in 2016 for my fans, so I wouldn’t go on hiatus. Had to keep the music pumping as I was still working on TI2 (Trill Influence 2).”

As all creatives know, there’s the struggle of going through life, then there’s the struggle of bringing the struggle through the lens of your creativity. When it comes to the process of recording this body of work, Ace took his time and endured struggle along the way.

“More of an introduction to who I am and what I’m going through, I had to really find myself for the past two years. It’s been a struggle by far, so each song, my creative process is different.”

There’s always more to the struggle, many find beauty in the madness, avoiding a self-destructive attitude.

“Yes, I found beauty in the struggle. There’s always beauty when it comes to struggling. It’s unbelievable the beauty you will find in the struggle.”

Aside from talent, marketing your music is essential to making it as effective as can be. For Ace, working together with EMPIRE became a perfect venture.

“The EMPIRE move was a good move for me. I needed good distribution behind me–a good distribution label that cares and markets the talent on the label. Empire does just that. I’ve seen a lot of independent, successful artists back by Empire, so when I reached out, they reached back. I discussed my plan and what I was looking to do. We put something in place and I signed the distribution deal.

It’s 2018. I get it, you get it. We’re maneuvering through a flooded music market, integrity, and freedom. During these times, it’s always possible to find the balance between reaching more audiences, getting assistance from a label or other, and still keeping control of your music.

“Sometimes it depends on the situation, but honestly, I’d rather keep my integrity and freedom. I like to have sole control over my music which I still do. Yeah labels give you that push for a bigger audience and all but I’m in no rush to be a superstar,” Ace laughed and stated. “I like the pace I’m moving now. I’ll admit a few things can speed up but it’s all about patience. I have too much respect for myself and craft for it to be controlled. Now if the money was right we can come back to the topic, but for now, creative control and integrity.”

There’s a moment when you realize you’re good at something and you can reach new levels with this talent. Passion kicks in and becomes a mission for greatness.

Yes I realized my potential some years back. It was the end of 2014 going into 2015, I realized how gifted I was and I can actually make something out of this and be happy. I’ve always had a live for music and I always wrote music, but at the end of 2014 I knew this was my path.

Diving back to the struggles over the years, Trill Influence 2 was set to arrive in the early portion of September, of last year. However, we are just now receiving the body of work. It happens. Setbacks happen. Ace adapted, drew his patience and shot when the time was right. It’s a project where old and newcomers can get to know Ace a little better, while also enjoying some good tunes; that’s an incentive.

It’s a body of work that took time to create, from a personal perspective. In terms of quality, I do feel as though the mixing could have been done better; different pitches didn’t quite connect with the production at times. Overall, it’s a body of work that connects well with the stages that Ace took to arrive here.