Eli Sostre – High Grade (prod. Eli Sostre and Soriano)

Eli Sostre and Soriano team up on production and can never do any wrong. The sound is consistent and manages to capture the attention of many listeners. It’s okay to say that they have created a sound that is moving their craft to new heights. And if it’s not broke, then why fix it?

“High Grade” takes us through the substance use of Eli as he has his mind set on a girl—the muse for a majority of the music he releases—helping paint the landscape of a sonically-inducing track. Towards the four-minute mark, there’s a switch in the production and Eli’s tone. It’s like we get two songs in one, hence why the song is 5:43 in length. Eli and Soriano, no wrong done.


Check out the track below and let us know what you think of it.