How To Persevere, Milliyon does

We hear how important it is to keep the faith. Faith in ourselves, in our abilities, and in a higher power; we know this is no easy feat. Hardships and moments of doubt tend to shake our resolve. Turbulent times often carry the perception of never ending which also compromises this steadfast faith we should possess. Where do we find our solace? Some of us turn to friends or family, others look to our personal vices for an emotional reset even if just for a few hours. Atlanta born, Sacramento based rapper, Milliyon puts his faith in God to see him through his hardest moments. “Pulse” featuring Evan Ford is Milliyon’s way of expressing his gratitude for God and the faith that pulled him through his troubles.

Milliyon’s faith was put to the test once again just last month when his wife, Sonya, had a premature childbirth. New life is incredibly delicate and in this circumstance could become a matter of life or death. It became increasingly prevalent that he would need his faith to see them through this frightening time and it did. Sonya gave birth at 30 weeks though their son’s due date was today; Kadence Robert Worrell is a healthy, happy baby.


“That’s why he calls it a gift / Because when life get low you could call it a lift / They come they go he still remains / I done been switched up but he’s still the same” – Pulse

No Pulse, No Life

While that’s a literal context, it applies here and in the message of this track. There is no life if there is no pulse and for Milliyon, God restores his pulse when it seems that life is slipping away. Evan Ford’s voice fits perfectly on this track as he doesn’t overpower the production and fits the tone of the track overall. Christian rap is still rap and producers Tone Jonez and K.Agee provide a wonderful blend of hip hop and R&B elements. More devout Christians typically don’t listen to secular music but for those who practice the religion and still enjoy it, “Pulse” is a great crossover.

We could infer that faith challenges Murphy’s Law; what can go wrong, will go wrong. However, it would be in parentheses or in the fine print “if you believe it will”. We end up manifesting much of what we think hence the importance of faith. If we believe that we can do something, it will happen and vice versa. “Pulse” is Milliyon’s personal testament but also a reminder that when circumstances appear bleak to give your burdens up to God. More so, on a human level, believe in yourself and in your strength in order to persevere.

“Jesus for some is a great prophet, for some he was a good man. To me he’s my savior, my father, my beginning and end, and most of all, he’s my Pulse” – Milliyon

If you like what you’ve heard so far, be on the lookout for Milliyon’s album, Passion. For now, you can listen to/purchase “Pulse” here!