Been Around The World and…

Abhi The Nomad finds himself in Austin, TX where he now resides. How long he’ll stay, is another question; however for now, Abhi drops off his newest album. Marbled is an accumulation of his experiences and travels around the world. Where did this odyssey begin for Abhi The Nomad? Madras, India, to be exact. His father’s job required his family to pack up and relocate over the span of 18 years. Abhi lived in New Delhi, Hong Kong, and the Fiji Islands and is now in Thousand Oaks, CA. A student visa for his attendance at Cal Lutheran University provided enough stability to fall in love and make more music. As an international student, he had to enter a lottery after finding a job in his field but sadly wasn’t chosen. The game of chance can be a cruel one.

The Journey Continues

He was sent back to India and migrated to Lille, France. By now, he’s living the “starving artist” trope, slowly making waves but not enough to pay the bills. It was in France where he then became a new member of Tommy Boy Entertainment record label. Home to legends like Ghostface Killah and Method Man, the tunnel started getting brighter for Abhi. All while this is happening, he continues to shape and work on Marbled. Another student visa granted him the opportunity to come back to the US and finish grad school in ATX. He’s now in the works of obtaining a Talent Visa and Marbled will be his saving grace.

Abhi The Nomad Plants His Roots Through Music

Hip hop amazes me every day with the assortment of sounds that emerge through the new music we hear today. Abhi The Nomad adds Marbled into this collection and it is a perfect fit. Not only is he rapping on this LP but he contributes to the sung vocals as well. His voice, soft and easy-going, permits for a smooth listen. His bars pack heat without being too verbose or simple which grants us the opportunity to trek across the world with him. A song I enjoyed in particular was “Headcase, albeit Abhi attests to the paranoia, self loathing and confusion artists go through. An uncomfortable reality for many of us in pursuit of unconventional career. Outside of ourselves, we have those who don’t possess the foresight to see our visions. Words like stability get thrown our way but for Abhi, there wasn’t anything in his life-like that besides music. “Headcase” featuring a verse from Local Foster takes us down the rabbit hole to self discovery.

Somewhere along the way, I lost myself…Somewhere along the way, it cost my health” – Abhi The Nomad, “Headcase”

While we’d expect to hear a brooding, slow beat with some melancholy strings sprinkled in, he gave us the exact opposite. The production is paradoxical to the content of the song and that is the best part for me. Jovial in sound, “Headcase” keeps our spirits up as we unearth our uncomfortable feelings. Local Foster kills his verse as the beat switches to straight guitar riffs and drums, as if he’s the friend coming to pull you out from the trenches.

Marbled is available for streaming on Soundcloud and Apple Music.